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Welcome to Company Ties for 2018 and into 2019

Company Ties for 2018 and into 2019

Dress for the clients you want

Appearance is everything in a first impression, and first impressions will condition all that comes after that. So if you have a business and you want to succeed in an increasingly competitive market, you need to make sure people who represent your company have the right attire and the right look to convey what you want your customers and partners to think about you.

There are dressing codes that you must know about, and they change from industry to industry. However, some elements are common to multiple environments, especially on the top of the chain of command. Suits and ties have become the universal sign of reliability, professionalism and high status. If you want to interact with powerful and competent people, you have to look for the suits and ties, especially in formal situations - which is where most of the important meetings take place and the biggest deals are closed.

So in order to impress your clients and partners and create a positive image on your business you have to make sure you, and all people who represent you, are properly dressed. Little details will help you go a long way in conveying what you want and help you close great deals and make contacts that will make your business grow. Never underestimate the importance of putting on the right suit and tie, crafted with good quality materials and great skill by the best makers you can find. It is no less than a business investment that, if done right, will improve your general business' performance so much you will go to the next level.

The role of attire in your success

Dressing properly for all occasions related to work is so important that many companies actually take matters in their own hands and supervise all their employees and representatives put on, and even, provide it themselves. This counts not only for face-to-face situations, but also protective gear and uniforms that the company must provide to their employees. An unified dressing code allows the workers and employees to be identified as members of a certain company - which builds up on the branding of the business - but also has a powerful impact in how much an emplolyee identifies with the company and feels as a part of it, potentially increasing compromise and productivity.

Companies often provide their employees and spokespeople with the right attire, so they don't have to take money from their salary to buy it. Sometimes the company purchases the suits or other clothes and then lends them to their employees or even gives them to them, and in some other times, the employee buys the suit under the company's guide and then the company refunds the expenses. This is called the company clothing allowance and businesses even have to declare these expenses for taxes. 

Since in some cases the company owns, or at least orders, the attire the employee wears, and such attire can be used as a means to identify the worker as part of the company and build brand presence, it isn't unusual that these clothes are somehow iconic of the company in question. Company badges, logos and even colours are often seen on these clothes. This way, potential customers as well as the general population can identify where the employee comes from, and customers & business partners get a feel of wholeness and corporate presence when interacting with these workers and representatives.

A tie says a lot

In businesses as well as in daily life, clothing designs for ladies often have a much wider range of variability. They can opt for a variety of clothes, even within the framework of a certain economic status or level of formality. On the contrary, men's attires are usually much more heavily regulated, especially in formal situations, and there are much fewer ways in which they can stand out and communicate through their outfits without crossing the borders of propper dressing.

This is why ties play such a big part in a man's formal attire. They are arguably the most expressive and versatile part of their clothing. It can have many patterns and colours, and for that reason it's a great mean to convey not only good values and business capabilities, but also the identity and reliability of the company they are representing.

The use of corporate ties with a design that resembles the colours and patterns of a company is a great way to make your business look better. You can order custom corporate ties to improve your business' image, using high quality materials and exclusive designs.

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I used NAT Confidence Training to train my staff in house. They were very professional and friendly and really boosted my staff members confidence levels. They now feel ready to take charge and travel with their jobs!

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NAT COnfidence Training came to my company to train me and my colleagues. We all learnt how to be more assertive and confident in our work environments and also how to carry ourselves when we travel with work.

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I have attended a number of courses through NAT Confidence Training. I travel a lot through my job and they really helped me to be confident and to come across well when meeting new people. Fantastic job!
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Be confident in your job
Be confident in your job
Be confident in your job