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Welcome to NAT Confidence Training

NAT Confidence Training is a comprehensive training service that provides courses to individuals and corporate groups both on and off site. We understand how important it is for your staff to be fully qualified, but many organisations neglect the fact that many individuals have confidence issues. Remaining in an office environment is one thing but when it comes to travelling for work, or even having outside the company individuals meeting you in the office, it can be very daunting for those less confident. 

Your staff is the face of your company. Whether they are answering your phones, attending your conferences or simply standing outside of your office building. The thing that people mainly associate with a company, apart from the product or service itself, is the way that they were met and treated by the staff. The amount of reviews that we have seen for companies that do not even mention the company itself, but say 'we wouldn't use them again, the customer service team were rude', or 'we met a member of the team at a conference but they were too shy, we wouldn’t do business with them'. 

First impressions really do count. If you walk down the street and someone smiles at you, what do you tend to do? You smile! Whether it is a great big grin, an awkward smile reply or a smile on the inside. A friendly greeting or customer experience makes all the difference and that is why here at NAT Confidence Training we aim to build our trainees confidence levels and make them ready to represent your company!


What we do

We offer 3-day courses on the topics of:

   Self confidence - loving your self

   Knowing your strengths and how to utilize them

   Knowing your weaknesses and again, how to utilize them

   Interacting with new people

   Body language


   Cultural awareness

   Introverts and Extroverts


We give speeches, show videos and pictures and hand out resources for the participants to read. There is also a great deal of classroom participation with team building exercises, participants giving talks, group discussions and more. 


Where and when?

Our courses take place wherever you would like them to. We prefer to come to you, as it is important for us to see your working environment and get a feel for the organisations dynamics. If you have a training room or conference room then that would be the perfect place to hold the courses. 

We also have our own training suites, which come fully equipped with the necessary equipment for the courses. They are dotted around the country so you are sure to find one near you. 

The courses commence when you want them to. All that we require is that you give us notice to ensure that we have space in our diary, and that each course runs for 3 consecutive days. It is important to keep going and build on each day after the next. 


We provide snacks and drink each day if you desire, as well as a nifty certificate to prove you have done the course!

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Tim Langly

I used NAT Confidence Training to train my staff in house. They were very professional and friendly and really boosted my staff members confidence levels. They now feel ready to take charge and travel with their jobs!

Lisa Munroe

NAT COnfidence Training came to my company to train me and my colleagues. We all learnt how to be more assertive and confident in our work environments and also how to carry ourselves when we travel with work.

Lukas Jenner

I have attended a number of courses through NAT Confidence Training. I travel a lot through my job and they really helped me to be confident and to come across well when meeting new people. Fantastic job!
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Be confident in your job
Be confident in your job
Be confident in your job